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a child with autism  using an adaptive communication  device
A quick few tips on how to have an awesome week!
September 20, 2021

Monday has rolled up on us again! A new week, a new day, a new dawn! Time to put last week behind and start with a new clean slate!

Today is the day that you get to reset your mindset, make new goals for the week, and keep moving forward. For families with special needs this can be difficult because moving forward isn't always an option. Many days and weeks its like two steps forward and then 5 back. However there are a few things that we all can practice to help keep a positive mindset.

Here are some suggestions on how to make this week better!

  1. Realize that your not alone. Although symptoms and challenges may be different, there is comfort in knowing there are other people dealing with similar stressors and concerns. FIND THESE PEOPLE!! These are your people. Use them, lean on them, ask for advice and input, respite and maybe even a coffee, but find them and hang on to them!

  1. Self Care Please take at least 3 hours this week for just you. I don't care if that means going and sitting in your car at the park for an hour each day or a uninterrupted bath, or hiding out in your sisters basement, anything that constitutes your time alone! 3 Hours!!

  1. Perfection is a myth. I have a hat that says Hot Mess on it. I wear it proudly. Be kind to yourself. You miss an appointment, you kid watches tv for three hours in a row, it happens...its ok! We cannot be 100 percent all the time. 10% is maybe todays 100% and you have to be ok with that! You wont always make the right decision. There will be nights that you will agonize over the lesser of the two painful choices. You will have sleepless night wondering if you are right or wrong. Sometimes you will get it right, and sometimes you wont...and that's ok..

  1. Forgive yourself You did not give your child autism. You don't have all the answers. You don't always know what your child needs or wants. There are days when you cry in a ball on the floor. Forgive yourself for thinking its all on you, because its not. We screw things up....allll the time! We cant possibly be expected to be all all the time!!

  1. Celebrate whats good! Enjoy the good weather today!! Celebrate the little victories! Keep focus on the positive and try all week to stay half full!!!

And if this week is a flub.. well there is another Monday coming up in 6 sleeps so hang on baby!!