Info about ESSER 11 Relief

a child with autism  using an adaptive communication  device
Relief funds for CT Special Ed
August 12, 2021

Info from Representative Jillian Gilchrest

This week more than $16 million in Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief II funds were made available to 170 school districts across CT. The relief money will allow schools through out our state to provide special education services to more than 80,000 students during the upcoming school year.

The funding is critical to supporting equitable learning opportunities for students with varying educational needs, More than $16 million was set aside by the Connecticut State Department of Education to supplement local special education COVID-19 recovery efforts through several initiatives piloted last school year by some of the districts..

Where will the money go?

Addressing delayed, interrupted, suspended, or inaccessible IEP Supports and services: Up to $13 million

Special Education evaluations will receive up to $1 million in funds to increase the capacity of the states 6 regional educational service centers to assist districts in conducting special education evaluations, which will benefit approximately 240 students and their support teams.

Supplementary Tutoring and Reading instruction:

Up to $2 million in funds will assist 170 districts with supporting supplementary tutoring and reading instruction to address the needs of 3092 students with IEP and a primary disability category of SLD/dyslexia in alignment with reading goal in the students current IEP.

$272,000 in funds will provide 8,000 hours of individualized in home support through partnership with the CT department of Developmental Services to provide 1:1 I n home assistance and support for up to 200 students.

For more information please visit the CT State Department of Education website.