Motivation Monday

a child with autism  using an adaptive communication  device
Its ok to say no, have me time, and make others MEsponsible!
July 26, 2021

Guess what???

We AREN"T put on earth to be everything to everyone!

Read that again,

Take that responsibility off your shoulders. Changing your perspective and going from responsible to making others around you MEsponsible is a huge mindset change. There are some things as caregivers for children with autism and special needs that cant be given up, but there are some responsibilities that can be handed over to others around you, including our kids!! Allow others in. Allow others to figure it out for themselves.

Here is another shock!

Its ok to take ME time. The people left behind might not make dinner how you would or clean how you would or parent in the exact same way, but for a few hours here and there, who cares!! YOU DON"T have to! Taking time to your self will only help make you feel better and be more capable of going back to being responsible again for the next 22 hours of the day!

So happy Monday! Start the week off by giving some responsibility you normally take care of to someone else, and take that time to do something for yourself!!

You deserve it!