Occupational Therapy

a child with autism  using an adaptive communication  device
Occupational Therapy is one aspect of a comprehensive plan that we can offer!
September 28, 2021

Our job as occupational therapists is to develop a plan that works to improve the lives of children. We work diligently to identify and develop a child's individualized and personal goals so that they can be as independent as possible in all aspects of their daily lives. We specialize in sensory, psychological, social, and environmental factors while successfully enhancing cognitive, physical, and fine motor skills.

Our Team

Our team consists of certified therapists. They have years of experience and experience with Autism. They will take into account a wide variety of skills, including posture, motor, sensory, learning, and behavior when putting together a treatment plan.

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is individually designed to help each child explore different sensory supports, calming techniques, and cognitive strategies to assist with self-regulation. We help each child improve impulse control, increase attention, regulate their bodies and emotions, and increase body awareness. As well as everyday task completion such as brushing teeth and combing hair.

We have designed and adapted a developmentally-based writing curriculum that incorporates a multi-sensory approach when learning letter formation. This technique can be adapted for all learning styles, including visual, auditory, tactile, and kinesthetic.

They will come into the home or work with your child in our center and will give feedback and support to the family.

OT is just one aspect of a wholistic approach to care.