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a child with autism  using an adaptive communication  device
What stresses you the most?
October 19, 2021

According to the CDC 1 in 68 individuals has autism and is on the spectrum to some extent. This number is higher for boys than girls (1/42).

This is an alarming increase in the number effected. And yet these families are struggling to get diagnosis, treatment, answers to why, and are faced with the uncertainty of what to do next. Why aren't there more resources being thrown out there?

Today's blog is simple:

What is your biggest concern as a parent of an autistic child?? (please visit out facebook page Behavioral Health Consulting Services to tell us!)

  1. Early screenings. Has it been difficult for your family to get even a diagnosis?
  2. Treatment. Have you struggled getting treatment plans in place? Don't know where to start or even what questions to ask?
  3. Not having a reason why my child has autism? Has this been exceptionally stressful for you.
  4. Resources for your adult children. It seems when the bus stops coming, there is a huge gap in services available to adults with autism.
  5. Respite care. Do you feel like you never can get away?