Diane Tobin, MA, NCC, LPC

Diane Tobin, MA, NCC, LPC


Diane is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) who Specializes working with children and families with special needs. She works with autism, Learning disorders, Executive Functioning, anxiety and depression, developmental delays, social and emotional communication.  She completes ADOS assessments for diagnosing Autism as well as other testing measurements.

In her private practice she sees adults and children for therapy.  Diane attended Norwich University/Vermont College to attain her Masters degree in Counseling Psychology; she is licensed with the state of Connecticut; she has an administration degree in marketing. Recent training with St. Joseph University and Florida Institute of Technology (FIT).

Specialized training in core areas of Applied Behavioral Analysis, Basic Principles of Behavioral Analysis; Functional Assessments, Ethics in Applied Behavioral Analysis-Task List; she has attended training workshops for the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS).

She currently works with organizations to structure their growing businesses focusing on Organizational Business Management.

Sara Colucci

Sara Colucci

HR Coordinator

Sara is a resident of Torrington.  Sara has a Degree in Early Childhood Education, Psychology, & Human Resources. Sara also has Certificates for Early Childhood In-Home Educational Services, CPR, First-Aid, & AED Instructor and Community Emergency Response Team Volunteer in conjunction with Homeland Security.  Sara has been working in the mental health field for 25 years; with 5 years of  ABA experience under her belt.  

Sara loves spending time with family & friends.  She loves music & the outdoors, going camping, kayaking, and hiking.  She loves spending time with dog Zeus, and her 4 children, a daughter Sage, a son Aidan, a son Noah, and a son Elend.

Katie Clapps

Katie Clapps


Katie is the Operations Coordinator here at Behavioral Health Consulting Services, LLC, which entails overseeing the front office and center procedures, inventory of supplies, processing billing submissions, and credentialing all new providers.

Katie has an associate’s degree in business administration which lends itself to her role here at BHCS in guiding the staff on proper procedures and processes placing a focus on teamwork, collaboration and efficiency.    

Out of the office Katie has a rich home life with her husband T.J. and two dogs; Easton and Luffy, who love to take hikes and go swimming at the dog park.  She loves her home life but also loves coming to work each day knowing that she’s helping people and serving a purpose.